Saturday, 18 May 2019

German company made the world's first 5-seater electric flying taxi, speed 300 kilometers per hour

After single charging, it can run up to 300 kilometers

Like Uber, 'Lilium Company' is designing a separate app for this special taxi

The German Air Taxi Startup Company 'Lillium has successfully tested five seater flying taxis. The company has put the world's first electric air taxi in front of the world. The company says that we will start flying taxi by 2025. This taxi will offer a pay-per-ride service.


Lilium Company has designed electric taxi a lot easier. The special feature of the taxi is that it does not use propeller, gear box and rubber.

Engineers have made a total of 36 electric jets in their wings, with which taxis can be tectonic and landed. After that taxis can fly horizontal.

Electric Flying Taxi is capable of cutting a long distance. After single charging, it can run up to 300 kilometers. Its top speed is 300 kilometers per hour.

It produces 36 electric jets, 2000 horsepower, in fixed-wing designs, but surprisingly, these wings use only 10 percent of the energy during the flight.

Lilium wants to start on-demand air taxi service by making an electric flying taxi. Like 'Uber', this is designing a separate app for a special taxi. This app will allow users to book a taxi with a nearby landing stop.

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