Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Hot American car and latest car

American muscle cars first appeared in the 1960s as manufacturers appealed to the massive baby-boomer generation. Boomers wanted power and excitement, and they got it thanks to big V-8 engines, and at affordable prices no less. Detroit marketing used everything from racing participation to cartoon birds—remember the Plymouth Road Runner?—to sell boomers the hot muscle cars that they craved.

Notoriously, classic muscle cars were quick in a straight line but sloppy when going around corners and loath to stop quickly. Today's American muscle cars, however, handle like crazy, ride well, are as responsive as sports cars, and and are vastly more capable. Plus the brakes actually work.

Right now, American muscle cars are a high-performance bargain. The 460-hp Mustang GT coupe starts at $36,350, while BMW's 444-hp M4 coupe with the Competition package is $74,895. That's undeniable value. Here's the list of today's hottest American muscle cars.

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Muscle car is an American term for high-performance cars, usually rear-wheel drive and fitted ... Muscle cars are an extension of the hot rodding philosophy of taking a small car 

The popularity of muscle cars declined through the early 1970s, due to factors including the Clean Air Act, the fuel crisis and increasing insurance costs

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