Wednesday, 5 June 2019

latest men's fashion TREND IN 2019

“Trends should be something that enhance an outfit,” says Alexander McCalla, from men’s FASHION online styling service THREAD “They shouldn’t be the entire outfit.” Instead, he recommends using trends as a way to make core pieces feel current. “You can add something seasonal to the clothes you wear all-year and it will make your wardrobe feel up-to-date, without looking tryhard.”

To that end, here are six of this season’s biggest trends and the one thing you should borrow from each.

The 2019 Pitti Uomo tradeshow brought us a lot of fashion inspiration. The street style was as impressive as ever, with the locals and visitors pulling out unique prints, youthful pieces and a few traditional staples. We have gathered the top MEN'S FASHION from this year’s Pitti Uomo A/W 2019 to inspire your winter wardrobe.

1. Camel Coats Over the Shoulders

A camel coat is an essential item in any winter wardrobe. The coolest style will always be the mid-length. And on the streets of Florence in this year’s Pitti Uomo trade show, men have undoubtedly picked up this trend. Equal parts cool and classic, this stylish wardrobe staple was worn over the shoulders, making the perfect addition to every outfit. To rock the look for yourself, select a camel coat and layer it over a jacket or a suit. Then, pair your it with any winter outfit, just make sure it is colour coordinated.

2. Printed Silk Scarf

This season, follow the lead of the fashionable gents and add a scarf to your ensemble. In particular, printed silk scarves are the most popular selection for men. The classic accessory is great for adding a unique touch to any outfit. The lively hues and unique patterns and shapes all contributed to an unmissable appearance. To get the look yourself, all you need to do is choose a statement printed silk scarf and pair it with neutral accompaniments.

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