Wednesday, 5 June 2019

latest mobile phones in world market

This data represents the Global smartphone market share by quarter (from 2016-2018) by top OEMs. Global smartphone shipments by market share and millions of units is provided.

The top 10 players now capture 79% of the market leaving 600+ brands to compete for the remaining 21% of the market.
iPhone helped Apple to record 3rd quarter revenue even as shipments remain flat YoY.
Samsung continued to lead the smartphone market with 19% market share in the quarter.

We're well into 2019 now, and we've seen a huge number of smartphone launches, which means our best smartphone list has seen plenty of new entrants over recent weeks. 

And now we have two more new entries who have bagged a coveted top spot in our best phone rundown - keep an eye out for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e to see if they can take on the BEST I PHONE

There are plenty more top-flight smartphones claiming to offer the best experience on their way too

However, if your smartphone replacement simply can't wait you'll be asking, what are the 15 best smartphones available right now? Read on to find out.

We know that it's not all about the high-cost, super spec phones all the time so we've made you a handy list of all the top smartphones that you can get on the market right now, assessing what really matters to you, the buyer.

We test these phones rigorously, making sure that we check every angle and feature - but most importantly, considering whether they've got a decent battery, great screen, strong design and a cracking camera.

On top of that, they can't be too exorbitant in price either - not everyone wants or can afford a supercar of a handset, so we've made sure there are plenty of options for you there.

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