Monday, 1 July 2019

Important news for the meeting / farmers: DyCM Nitin Patel made this representation in the central government

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel is in Delhi today. Nitin Patel has come to participate in two important meetings in Delhi. Nitin Patel participated in two meetings of the Union Finance Department held in Delhi under the chairmanship of Finance Minister Nirmala Sahtaraman. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, who arrived in Delhi, has been present on the issue of crop insurance in the central government.

On the issue of crop insurance, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel has come out in the central government. Patel made the offer to not comply the crop insurance. The demand for the crop insurance was made in the center.

Patel said that farmers should make crop insurance for ease. Only the farmers who want to take crop insurance should be insured. Currently crop insurance is cut off at the time of repayment. At a meeting of the Finance Ministry in Delhi, Patel has demanded to renew his marriage by introducing this matter.

What is the meaning of crop insurance policy?

Currently crop insurance is deducted at the time of financing. Crop insurance is available only if crops have a bad effect after cutting crop insurance. The government and the agency decide whether the crop was affected or not. Farmers are feeling that the agency and officials give false statistics. Farmers do not get proper crop insurance based on incorrect address. If you do not have the right crop insurance, why should you pay premium? Farmers believe that what is the benefit if insurance is not available after paying premium?

Benefit to many farmers

In these circumstances demand for crop insurance is rising. If the purchase of insurance is done only then the insurance premium will be paid to the insurance company. If a farmer thinks he should insure himself, he will pay the premium. This way many farmers can also benefit. There is also a control in how insurance companies are being robbed.

What is the loss of farmers?

Crop insurance can also result in damage to the farmer

If the crop fails and does not take insurance, then the farmer will be damaged
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