Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Now, you can easily find the stolen phone, the government has prepared a new plan

Nowadays, before going to a crowded place, there is a fear that the mobile phone will not be stolen. Money is damaged if the mobile is stolen, as well as the data contained in it are also damaged. Because sometimes the police do not get the phone even after complaining.

But the government has taken a step to get the stolen phone easily. For this, the Department of Telecommunications has prepared all the mobile data in the country. Which is named after the Central Equipment Identity Register. It has registered all the mobile phone's IMEI numbers in the country.

Telecommunication Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad will launch within a week or two. With this, the government can also be sentenced to three years in prison for changing the phone's IMEI. Even if someone changes the phone's IMEI, it will be blocked. Now it can not be used to complain of a stolen phone.

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